cat-roarOn this blog, we want to share ideas on how we all can take small steps, change certain habits in our everyday life, small ways of thinking and doing things, and through these small revolutions impact big topics like climate change and international understanding. You can vote with your feet, through your choices about what to buy, eat and use, as well as what you chose to do or not to do.

Recent events have shown that we cannot only rely on the people in charge – when you want something done, do it yourself. Accordlingly, this blog is a platform to present small ways in which we all can exercise our power. When you are alone, what you do is only a miau, but when we all do it, it becomes a roar!

We organised our posts according to two major topics: Under Change Climate Change, you can find all the hands-on ideas how to reduce your environmental impact. In Europe and Beyond, we want to offer insights into different countries, share music from around the globe and promote closer ties between the European countries and worldwide.