Upcycle: Tealight Holders

In the last few years, I have moved house several times and I have lived in a van for more than a year. During that time, I have realised, that we do not need that much stuff – and that I had boxes of stuff and nicnacs and even more stuff stowed away for years and I did not miss those boxes.

So, I have joined all of those, who chant the motto “Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle, Upcycle!”. When you are thinking about buying new stuff – a new T-Shirt, a nice candle, something to decorate the house – think again: Will this purchase make you happy? Is it really necessary? Or will it just tie you down in the end? Will it end up in one of those boxes and be forgotten?

Whilst living in our van, we crafted decoration from whatever we could find nearby. We did all of our christmas decorations that way, and crafted a nativity scene from bits and pieces we found within 5 meters of our van.


Last christmas, I started fashioning tealight holders from empty jam or nutella glasses. It is easy to do and you can style these candle holders just to your linking – or according to the season. For example, you can use some left-over lace or string, ribbons, and wrapping paper.

When you chose wrapping paper, apply a little bit of oil on the surface, spread it with your finger and then wipe the excess off. This will make the paper more transparent, so that the light can shine through more easily and give off a warm glow.

What I like most about these DIY candle holders is that you can adapt them easily to every occasion – and that you can throw the glasses into the recycling bin without regrets when you do not need them anymore.



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