Reduce: Print and Save

Every day, we all print things. Forms. Emails. Articles. Photos. Order confirmations. And so on and so forth. We do it at home, but mostly in office. The “paperless office” seems to be utopia. Instead of decreasing, the amount of paper in offices seems to keep increasing (all German-reading visitors, check out this “Selbstversuch“).

According to the WWF, “40% of the annual industrial wood harvest is processed to make paper and paperboard”. Thus, our paper consumption directly influences the extent of deforestation. So, how to save paper and protect the environment?

1. Think before you print

Most of us will have seen the email closing line “Please consider the environment before printing” by Sounds simple, is efficient. We all can save a lot of paper by asking ourselves whether we really need to print a page or not. In many cases, the “save as pdf” alternative will do, e.g. for booking or order confirmations which you want to keep for some time.

By the way: If you want to avoid that anyone prints the document you are sending: Save it as a wwf-file. The WWF has created this new file format, which can be read just as a pdf file but cannot be printed. You can read up on this innovation and download the respective plugin here.

2. Printing on both sides of the paper

Duplex is the magic word. If you choose duplex printing, both sides of a paper will be used. If you have a small printer, you might have to turn around the paper manually, bigger printers will do that automatically. The great side-effect apart from saving paper if you have to file the stuff: Less sheets of paper = folder space saved = less folders needed = more free shelf space!

And talking about printing: Have you already discovered the “eco” or “toner save” mode in your printer’s settings? It allows you to print a page using significantly less colour with a hardly visible decrease in quality. Your toner cartridge will last longer, which is good for the environment and saves you money. -That’s called a win – win situation! Give it a try and let us know what your experiences are.


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