Changing Our World. Step by Step.

Big Changes…

The current developments in Europe and elsewhere in the world have left many people feeling helpless, powerless and disenfranchised. Certain results of political events came unexpected and sometimes against all predictions. Many feel that their world has suddenly changed and that they do not have the power to influence these changes.

However, the past few months have also awakened and politicised many people. Many feel that they have to take power back into their own hands. Accordingly, there has been a rise in protests, people taking to the streets, making themselves heard. Several stories, for example the developments in Romania, have proven, how powerful this can be, it shows what you can achieve by “voting with your feet”.

…and Small Revolutions

But protesting in the streets is not the only way to exercise your power. You can do this in a myriad of ways, with small changes you make in your everyday life. We may not be able to change laws, direct the outcome of elections, issue executive orders – but we do have the power to influence the way of this earth, its face and its future. And we can do it by taking small steps. Like the overused saying “Be the change…” or Michael Jackson’s “Man in The Mirror” – you can start with yourself and thus initiate broader change.

But where to start? You may feel overwhelmed or discouraged. You may feel that you do not know whom to trust or on whose information to rely. How can you by yourself tackle big issues, like battling -isms like racism or sexism? How to combat climate change, if some politicians ruling this world deny its existence? Of course, we would be able to reduce CO2 by never using our car again, stop using the plane or by never eating meat again – but these are big steps, for some people they might be too big, unrealistic. So, what to do?

Our Goals


This blog wants to show you small ways in which to change yourself in increments, change your habits, your life and your world in small, but significant ways. We want to give you ideas for small steps, steps that every one can take and that will help in the battle against climate change, that will foster ideas of openness, international communication and understanding.

In this respect, we want to be like Beppo the Streetsweeper from the book Momo by Michael Ende:

“Beppo enjoyed these hours before dawn, when the city was still asleep, and he did his work willingly and well. It was a useful job, and he knew it. He swept his allotted streets slowly but steadily, drawing a deep breath before every step and every stroke of the broom. Step, breathe, sweep, breathe, step, breathe, sweep… Every so often he would pause a while, staring thoughtfully into the distance. And then he would begin again: step, breathe, sweep… […]  „You see, Momo“, he told her one day, „it’s like this. Sometimes, when you’ve a very long street ahead of you, you think how terribly long it is and feel sure you’ll never get it swept.“ […] „You must never think of the whole street at once, understand? You must only concentrate on the next step, the next breathe, the next stroke of the broom, and the next, and the next. Nothing else.“ […]”  „And all at once, before you know it, you find you’ve swept the whole street clean, bit by bit. What’s more, you aren’t out of breath.“

That is why we chose a fist holding a broom as our logo – it represents the willingness to fight, to resist and to change, as well as the small steps and the revolution that can take place in everyday life. When you are alone, what you do is only a miau, but when we all do it, it becomes a roar!

We also promise that we will check our facts before we post anything, and where we rely on other information, we will give you the sources and mark our quotes accordingly.

We need.. YOU

We hope that this blog will help you in exercising your power. And, of course, you have the power to shape this blog! Let us know which topics you would like to talk about, let us know your thoughts and ideas, what you like about this blog and where we can improve. We welcome your input and your constructive criticism, so feel free to contact us and leave us a comment!


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