Europe and Beyond

On this page, we want to battle some of those nasty -isms, we want to debunk prejudices, and create understanding through knowledge and confrontation with “the other”.

High aspirations, we know. Like in the rest of this community blog, we want to take it one step at a time. Change in small ways, share small ideas and life-sized stories.

This section is called “EUROPE and Beyond” because we want to start with these changes in ourselves and our backyard, thus in the countries of our influence. We believe that the European Idea promotes intercultural exchange and understanding, an idea that is endangered by nationalist, protectionist movements. We want to support the idea and strengthen our ties across the borders – in the EU as well as worldwide. Contributions from countries outside the EU are more than welcome!

In the category “Get to Know Your Neighbours” we want to deepen your knowledge of people and their countries from around the globe. Confrontation with the unknown other can begin with listening to music from different countries – a strategy we support in the category “I Hear Ya“.

Let us know what you think, what you would like to talk about, what you would like to share!